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100+ Happy Diwali 2018 Images And Wishes in Hindi & English

The Diwali Wishes or the Deepavali wishes are pretty good if you are not in contact or live far away from their place. The distance has always bothered us very much and been the biggest roadblock in maintaining the relationships. In this post, I am going to share some interest and lovely Happy Diwali 2018 wishes, which will help you to celebrate the festival without personally meeting your distant relatives and friends. Also, the Happy Diwali Wishes that we are going to share in this post are very helpful for expressing your feelings of happiness to others. So, without wasting any more time, let’s share some beautiful Happy Diwali Wishes 2018.

The Diwali or the Deepavali is the festival of light and happiness. The Diwali is celebrated all around in the Indian subcontinent, and there are more than millions of people who are going to celebrate the festival anytime in November of 2018. Well, as an Indian, I a

m going to celebrate the same festival with my parents, family members and of course with my best friends. Also, I am not forgetting my distant relatives and familiar friends and will share some Happy Diwali 2018 Wishes with them.

Happy Diwali 2018 Wishes, Quotes, Images and Greetings

The Diwali or Deepavali is the biggest festival for the Indians, or primarily for the people from Hindu community. The Deepavali is celebrated in India without considering the barriers of Caste, Creed, and Religion. People from all of the castes, creeds, and religions come together and share and spread the happiness with others. That’s why we must share the Happy Diwali Wishes and Quotes with the people who are sharing the joy with others. It’s time to make them happy by sharing these quotes and wishes for Happy Diwali. Here is some lovely Diwali Wishes messages that you should share with the loved ones like the Family Members and the Friends who’ve helped you a lot in becoming the person you are right now.

Giving respects to the gods and decorating the thali, this is what the occasion is all about. This is the spirit of Deepavali!
A warm Diwali wish for every happiness. May the warmth and splendor, that are a part of this auspicious occasion, fill your life with happiness and bright cheer, and bring to you joy and prosperity, for the whole year.
It is the ‘Festival of lights’ today, it’s again the day of deepawali, it’s time to dress up folks and it’s time to adorn the thali!
Happy Diwali, hope the light of this festive period shines in your life forever
May you be blessed with happiness and well being to last through the year. Happy Diwali!
On Diwali, I wanted to send you wishes for a year filled with prosperity, health and lots of fun! Hope you have a happy Diwali!
This Diwali, may you be blessed with good fortune as long as Ganeshji’s trunk, wealth and prosperity as big as his stomach, happiness as sweet as his ladoos and may your trouble be as small as his mouse. Happy Diwali!
On Diwali, wishes for every joy and prosperity. Here’s hoping, that the beauty of this festival of lights, bring a world of joy, happiness, and contentment to you, to last the whole year through. Happy Diwali.
May the festival of lights be the harbinger of joy and prosperity.
May these fireworks burn away all our troubles, problems and sorrows, and may this light up our life with happiness, joy and peace this wonderful festival of Diwali would bring. Happy Deepawali to you and to all your family!
As the holy occasion of Diwali is here and the atmosphere is filled with the spirit of mirth and love, here’s hoping this festival of beauty brings your way, bright sparkles of contentment, that stay with you through the days ahead. Best wishes on Diwali and New year.
May this festival of lights bring lot of light into your lives and along with that may it bring joy, happiness and prosperity for you and your family. Happy Diwali!
May the Divine Light of Diwali Spread into your Life Peace, Prosperity, Happiness and Good Health. Happy Deepavali

Happy Diwali 2018 Wishes in English

When it’s the Deepavali, every family member is, and the atmosphere is very auspicious. In such occasion, you always miss someone who is absent on this auspicious festival. Well, all you can do is to have a chat with that person and wish him a very Happy Diwali wish the help of these Happy Diwali Wishes in English and Greetings. The Diwali Wishes and greetings are not just the bits of text, but they are the feelings. These Wishes and greetings convey the emotions to the person who is reading the same. All you have to do is to send them these Happy Deepavali Wishes and greetings, and they’ll understand your feelings and urge to meet them. Just that single gesture of sending a message with Wishes and greetings will help you to make their celebrations amazing. What are you waiting for? Scroll down and find some of the best Happy Diwali wishes and Greetings, that’ll help you make others celebrations awesome.

" As we celebrate Diwali 2018, let’s hope that it brings us new opportunities to work together and prosper.
" With the gleam of diyas and the echo of the chants, may the happiness and the contentment fill your life. Wishing you a very happy and marvelous Diwali!!
" Peace, prosperity and good fortune, May all this be with you in the coming years. Happy Diwali
" I pray to God that the sparkles of lamps illuminate your life with happiness, prosperity, good health, wealth and fortune. Wishing you a cheerful, safe and Happy Diwali Bhaiya.
" Light some lamps of love! Blast some chains of sorrow! Shoot some rockets of prosperity! Fire some flowerpots of happiness! Bring happiness and cherished into your lives. Wishing you a Sparkling Deepawali!
" Dear Client, Happy Diwali wishes to you with love. I pray the festival of lights to bring in good luck and success in the going project we have signed as a deal.
" Wishing that your life glows with happiness, prosperity, and joy on this Diwali and always. Have a prosperous Diwali dearest bro!!
" Diwali is all about the ritual bonding, a belief that the good will always and forever triumph over evil as the dark night always makes way for morning light every day. Wishing you a Happy Deepawali!
" This is an auspicious time when all the family and friends get together for a great fun full of lights. I wish you laughter and fun to make cheer your days in this festive season of Diwali and always!!!!!! Happy Deepavali!
" Dear boss, I wish you and your family a Happy Diwali. I pray this Diwali be the best for you and you enjoy a lot with a display of fireworks to spread light in your home.

Happy Diwali 2018 Wishes in Hindi

Hindi is not the official national language of India, but there are millions of people who can write, read and understand the language. Hindi is one of the popular languages in India and spoken by the majority of the population as the common language and to break the language barrier. Well, you can send the Happy Diwali 2018 Wishes in Hindi with the loved ones who understand the language and also with the friends, who are not familiar with your mother tongue. The Hindi is commonly spoken in every part of India, so if you are facing the language barrier between your friend who is from another state, you should share these Happy Diwali Wishes in Hindi and make them happy. It’s time to express your feelings for them and let them know that you have a pleased Diwali.

" ये रोशनी का पर्व है दीप तुम जलाना जो हर दिल को अच्छा लगे ऐसा गीत तुम गाना दुःख दर्द सारे भूलकर सबको गले लगाना ईद हो या दिवाली बस खुशियों से मनाना दिवाली की शुभकामनाएं!
" बस यही शुभकामना है हमारी आपके लिए दीवाली के इस पावन अवसर पर दीपक का प्रकाश हर पल आपके जीवन में एक नयी रोशनी दे दीपवाली की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं
" दीपावली में दीपों का दीदार हो, और खुशियों की बौछार हो। शुभ दीपावली!
" मुस्कुराते हँसते दीप तुम जलाना जीवन में नयी खुशियों को लाना दुःख दर्द अपने भूल कर सबको गले लगाना शुभ दीपवाली
" || ॐ गणेशाय नमः || लक्ष्मीजी और गणेशजी की कृपा से आपको कामयाबी, सुख, शान्ति और समृद्धि प्रदान हो। शुभ दीपावली.
" दीवाली है रौशनी का त्यौहार, लाये हर चेहरे पर मुस्कान, सुख और समृधि की बहार, समेट लो सारी खुशियाँ, अपनों का साथ और प्यार इस पावन अवसर पर आप सभी को दीवाली का प्यार.
" इस दिवाली में यही कामना है कि सफलता आपके कदम चूमे और खुशी आपके आसपास हो। माता लक्ष्मी की कृपा आप पर बनी रहे।
" दीपावली आए तो रंगी रंगोली, दीप जलाए, धूम धड़ाका, छोड़ा पटाखा, जली फुलझडि़यां सबको भाए…आप सबको दीपावली की शुभकामनाएं!
" दिए की रोशनी से सब अँधेरे दूर हो जाए दुआ है की चाहो वो ख़ुशी मंजूर हो जाए शुभ दीवाली
" दीपक का प्रकाश हर पल आपके जीवन में नई रोशनी लाए,  बस यही शुभकामना है आपके लिए इस दीपावली में। शुभ दीपावली!

Happy Deepavali Wishes in English

Sharing Quotes and wishing others is very common nowadays. Many people are sharing some made up or random quotes to wish others on occasion of any festival. That’s not the right thing to do, as the Quotes they are sharing are not suitable for any celebration or the occasion. But worry not! In this post, I am sharing the list of some of the best Happy Diwali wishes and quotes, which you can share and wish your friends a Happy Diwali 2018. I’ve surfed the internet for more than 24 hours to find this best Happy Diwali Wishes 2018 Quotes. I am a little bit knowledgeable in the Literature, so I was able to shortlist only the best Diwali Wishes and Quotes that are suitable for sharing and conveying the feelings with others.

" May this Diwali bring endless moments of joy and love in your life. Happy Diwali
" Since this is a special occasion when all the family and friends get together, for fun. Wishing a lot of amusement to cheer your days during this festive season. Happy Diwali!”
" As you perform the Puja rituals of Diwali, I silently pray to Lord Ganesha to shower happiness and prosperity upon you. Happy Diwali!
" May the festivities of Diwali over-whelm your heart with joy and happiness. Happy Diwali 2018
" Let this Diwali burn all your bad times and enter you in good times. Happy Diwali!
" May the joy and merriment of this amazing festival surround you with all things happy and positive. Happy Diwali my dear!
" May the beautiful gleaming lamps of Diwali brighten your life making it a better place to live. Happy Diwali 2018
" As you pray to Lord Kuber on the auspicious eve of Diwali, I pray to him to shower wealth on you and make you feel the luckiest. Happy Diwali 2018
" May the gleaming diyas of Diwali bless you and your loved ones with positivism. Happy Diwali 2018
 " May these rich blessings be due on you with some wealth of friendships, old & new. With some service rendered & some solace given and a gentle peace with God and heaven. Heartful wishes for you and your family on the eve of Diwali! Happy Diwali!
" Diwali is a festival full of sweet memories, a sky full of fireworks, a mouth full of sweets, a house full of diyas and a heart full of enjoyment! Happy Diwali!
" May Goddess Lakshmi enter your house this Diwali evening and fill it with wealth, good luck and prosperity. Happy Diwali
" Diwali is the best time to create special memories with your family and loved ones. May you create the best of the best memories this Diwali. Happy Diwali 2018
" May the merriment of this wonderful festival of Diwali fill your life with infinite joy. Happy Diwali to you and the ones who matter to you!
" Doubt is like darkness and trust is like a light. There is no way one can destroy light by throwing darkness into it. So, let’s come together and enjoy the festival of lights. Happy Diwali!

Happy Deepavali Wishes and Greetings in Hindi

Although it’s not the national language of the country, the majority of the people in India can speak the Hindi language. This language works as the language for breaking the barrier of regional languages in India. As I’ve told you to share the Diwali Wishes and Greetings with the loved ones to express your feelings about them and the Deepavali celebrations, you should share the Hindi ones if necessary. In this section, we are listing the Happy Diwali 2018 Wishes and Greetings in Hindi, which can be quickly shared with the one who speaks Hindi because it’s their mother tongue or with someone who does not know your mother tongue. These messages are coming to your rescue when the barrier of regional languages is keeping you away from wishing others very happy Diwali celebrations.

" ज्योति-पर्व है,ज्योति जलाएं, मन के तम को दूर भगाएं। दीप जलाएं सबके घर पर, हो सकता है मैं वहां न रहूँ दिये जलने के लिये, लकिन मीलों दूर से, मैं तुम्हे दिवाली की बधाई भेज रहा हूँ , दिवाली खुशहाल हो !
" इस दीवाली त्यौहार आप और आपके परिवार के एक अंतहीन प्यार, शांति और सद्भाव ला सकते हैं. एक खुशहाल और अद्भुत दीवाली!
" सुख आये शांति आये आपके जीवन में, समृधि आये खुशियां आये आपके जीवन में, रहो आप हर परेशानी से दूर और इस दीवाली लक्ष्मी आये आपके जीवन में..
" ये दिवाली आपके जीवन में खुशियों की बरसात लाए, धन और शौहरत की बौछार करे, दिवाली की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं!
" दीपावली में दीपो का दीदार हो, और खुशियों की बौछार हो। शुभ दीपावली!
" जो नम आँखें उनके घर पर। हर मन में जब दीप जलेगा तभी दिवाली पर्व मनेगा।
" दीवाली है रौशनी का त्यौहार लाये हर चेहरे पर मुस्कान, सुख और समृधि की बहार, समेट लो सारी खुशियाँ, अपनों का साथ और प्यार इस पावन अवसर पर आप सभी को दीवाली का प्यार.
" पल पल सुनहरे फूल खिले, कभी ना हो कांटो का सामना, जिंदगी आपकी खुशियो से भरी रहे,  दीपावली पर हमारी यही शुभकामना
" दीप जलते रहे जगमगाते रहे, हम आपको-आप हमें याद आते रहे, जब तक ज़िन्दगी है दुआ है हमारी, आप फूलो की तरह मुस्कुराते रहे विश यू हैप्पी दीपावली
         " दीप जगमगाते रहें सबके घर झिलमिलाते रहें साथ हों सब अपने सब यूँही मुस्कुराते रहें!!           दिवाली के त्यौहार की शुभकामनाएं !!

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Happy Diwali Greetings And SMS Messages for Whatsapp

May the joy, cheer,
Mirth and merriment
Of this divine festival
Surround you forever.
May the happiness,
That this season brings
Brighten your life
And, hope the year
Brings you luck and
Fulfills all your dearest dreams!
Happy deepavali…..
Aai aai diwali aai,
Saath me kitni khushiyan layi,
Dhoom machao, mauz manao,
Aap sabhi ko diwali ki badhai.
Happy Diwali.
Ajse aapke yahan dhan ki barsat ho,
Maa laxmi ka vass ho,
Sankaton ka nash ho,
Har dil pe apka raj ho,
Unnati ka sar pe taj ho,
Wish you a very Happy Diwali!
May the beauty
Of deepavali season
Fill your home with
And may the coming year
Provide you with all
That bring you joy!
Deepawali ke ish subh absar per
Meri subhkamnaye kabool kijiyega,
Khusi ke ish mahool mein
Humko bhi samil kijiyega.

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Happy Diwali 2018 | Diwali Messages | Diwali Status | Happy Diwali Wishes

Thank You guys for landing on our Website on Happy Diwali 2018We will provide you the best Diwali Wishes, Diwali Status, Diwali Greetings, Diwali Images, Diwali Essays, Diwali Images, Depawali 2018, Happy Diwali 2018. Diwali Quotes 2018, Diwali messages in Hindi, Diwali Wishes in Hindi, Diwali wishes in Marathi, Diwali messages in Marathi, Diwali Quotes in Hindi, Diwali quotes in Marathi, Diwali 2018, Happy Diwali 2018, Diwali best wishes 2018.

***Happy Diwali Messages***

Lakshmi will come so much that the name will be everywhere,
Increasing business day and night will be so much work,
Sartaj will become a house family,
This is what we want for you,
Great wishes of Happy Diwali 2018.

Keep burning the lamp burning,
We keep reminding you of us,
As long as life is ours,
You keep shining like the moon … Good Happy Diwali 2018
google.comKeep kissing success steps,
Happiness revolves around,
Yash spread so much that the musk shines,
Laxmi’s grace is enough to keep Balaji going
Auspicious Happy Diwali 2018

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25+ Happy Diwali Wishes 2018 । Happy Diwali Wishes For Whatsapp Status

25+ Happy Diwali Wishes 2018 । Happy Diwali Wishes Whatsapp Status

Happy Diwali Introduction :- 

Diwali is one of the greatest celebrations celebrated in India. The celebration profoundly implies the triumph of light finished dimness. Diwali is praised worldwide with awesome warmth for five days amid the long stretch of October or November. The five days are first Dhanteras, second Choti Diwali, third Lakshmi Puja on Diwali, fourth Padwa and Govardhan Puja and finally Bhai Duj. On Main day of Diwali Goddess Lakshmi and Shri Ganesh are loved and after pooja firecrackers are delighted in during the evening. Prior to Deepavali night, individuals clean, revamp and embellish their homes and workplaces. 

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50+ Diwali Wishes in English, Hindi, Tamil, and Marathi !

Diwali Wishes in English, Hindi, Tamil, and Marathi 2018Diwali festival is coming and people are very excited to celebrate this celebration with their family members and relatives. Here you will find the Best Diwali Wishes in English, Hindi, Tamil, and MarathiBecause the best way to celebrate festivals is Diwali wishes. You can send or share anyone online with your friends for want of it.
Diwali/Deepawali, the festival of special significance, a festival of lights and festival of happiness is again to celebrate with glorious splendor and excitement. After some festivals some days after the festivals, people of India will be ready for the grand festival of Diwali, which is the largest Indian festival. Lakshmi Ganesh Pooja, Home Lighting, Firing Crackers, and Gifts are the main highlights of a wonderful fiesta festival. But despite this Deepawali, there is a good time with the family. People living in any part of the country, with family members, friends as well as close friends and relatives, arrive at the hometown to celebrate the festival of Diwali. Mubarak is also an important part of Diwali celebration with the message of Diwali and is giving love and congratulations to the loved ones.
Here are some Diwali Wishes in English, Hindi, Tamil, and MarathiHope You Like it all

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20+ Beautiful Happy Diwali Images With Rangoli Design Free Download

Diwali Images With Rangoli

Happy Diwali dear !! We all know that Diwali 2018 is coming on 19th October and we all love diwali. Diwali is a festival of lights, lamps, cleaning and most of decoration. To decorate the house we use rangoli. Rangoli is not unknown for indian people but if you do not know about rangoli here it is. 

Rangoli is a design we make on the floor for the diwali celebration.  You can also call it abstract of colors on floor to celebrate the diwali. So to celebrate amazing diwali this year, we have collected this diwali images with rangoli.  

Diwali is incomplete without diwali. We have collected some best rangoli design for diwali 2018. Rangoli is a art on the floor. We have also collected some easy rangoli designs for you if you are not good at art. You can use this rangoli photos as a model and can easily draw the rangoli or make a design by free hand. You do not have to take any special design tool. 

Rangoli images download are absolutely free and you can use them as your reference rangoli or you can also share these rangoli designs with your friends. These rangoli designs images free download will look you more smarter, cool and best for sure.

Diwali Rangoli Images 2018

Rangoli Images Download

Rangoli Design For Diwali 2018

Rangoli Images with Free Hand

Rangoli Design Images Free Download

Easy Rangoli Designs

Rangoli Images HD

Rangoli Photos

Final words on Diwali Images with Rangoli

Thanks for reading the whole post. We hope that your search for diwali images with rangoli have come to an end as we have collected various rangoli photos and rangoli images download for free. Do give your valuable opinion for the post and do not forget to like and share this post. 

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